Men’s Hemp/OC Short Sleeve Shirt


* Eco-friendly hemp, wood button shirt
* Single up right pocket with label “HEMP”
* Extra button attached, just in case
* Hemp blended with organic cotton
* A must for every day wardrobe
* Please check size chart for new sizing

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Men’s Hemp/OC Short Sleeve Shirt

It’s been over 10 years since this immensely popular hemp shirt was introduced, and now we’ve upgraded it to a standardized fit, with sizes up to XXL. What once was a generous cut has now become a classic hemp buttoned shirt that lasts.
Sporting a single right pocket with a small label with the word “HEMP”, showing you’re a eco-conscious individual, and the buttons are made of wood. An extra button was attached, just in case.

Wear natural clothing & know you’ve helped the environment.

Perfect for the summer heat.

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55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton – Muslin Pre-shrunk


Machine washable.

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