Hemp Shoes

We love these shoes so much we have partnered with 8000 Kicks to promote their splashproof hemp shoes. Be one of the first to get one of these eco-friendly shoes made from hemp. The premium fabric is not only strong, flexible, and durable, but also splash proof and dustproof.

These shoes are strong and flexible the use super lightweight and durable, proprietary Bloom foam outsoles are made of algae collected from Harmful algal blooms

The bloom soles can flex and bounce back to their original shape even after years of action.

They also include the World’s 1st Hemp insoles designed and developed by the world’s smartest textile engineers using the world’s eco-friendliest material. These shoes have Zero impact on the planet, maximum comfort to your feet.

8000Kicks creates the best eco friendly shoes, use our coupon code to get an extra 10% off

Visit their website by clicking HERE.