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Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Hemp Clothing

Hemp has long been used for a variety of things, including textiles, sails, ropes, and clothing. This is because hemp has some amazing qualities when it comes to clothing, but there are also many hemp clothing advantages that you should look for and consider, as well as other hemp clothing brands. Hemp clothing is the future of eco-friendly fashion, but what exactly are these other hemp clothing advantages and how can they help you, and other hemp clothing consumers? Here are just a few hemp clothing advantages that could really make a difference to you!

Hemp is naturally biodegradable – this means that hemp grows without any pesticides or other harmful chemicals. This could help reduce the risk of toxic chemicals leaching into our soil and contaminating our water supply. Hemp clothing is made from the waste fibers left over from the production of paper and other textiles, so it’s a very good way to make sure that nothing is harming the environment and harming our health in the process. Hemp is also the fastest growing renewable fiber, so using hemp grows nothing but more fiber, which means that hemp grows consistently producing more clothing, tools, and other items that we need around us.

The hemp plant has very specific growing requirements, meaning that it will grow much faster than any other type of plant. In order to grow a high crop, it needs to be cultivated under ideal growing conditions; an ideal growing condition for hemp is a lot different than a normal garden. This is why you see that hemp clothing is grown much more in China and Vietnam than in the US – the conditions are ideal for growing a high crop of hemp. Hemp can only be grown in ideal environments, meaning that other types of plants cannot grow in a place where hemp is growing.

Another unique characteristic of hemp clothing is its breathability. Just like cotton and silk, hemp fabric is naturally breathable, meaning that when it is put into the air, it breathes. This breathability makes it extremely popular for use in all kinds of environments, including sports wear. However, this breathability makes it very difficult to get hold of. Hemp is a very durable fiber and while it may not always be durable enough to make for a great sports uniform, it certainly makes for a great comfortable T-shirt or sweatshirt, making it perfect for use in any kind of weather.

Finally, one of the most important reasons to choose hemp clothing is because it is a natural resource. Hemp is completely natural, meaning that it does not involve extracting anything from the earth, so there are no chemicals or pesticides used in the growing process. This means that by choosing hemp clothes, you are supporting a green, friendly planet, and taking care of your own body. The fact that hemp clothes are extremely durable and can last for years makes them an excellent choice for both business and personal use. They are also a very affordable way to dress, making them a wise investment for anyone who wants to make a statement.

If you are interested in buying some hemp clothing or accessories, you have many sources available. As long as you are careful to purchase these items from a reputable company that respects the environment and human rights, you should have no trouble finding some great hemp clothing and accessories. In addition to wearing them to make your own statements about the things that you’re passionate about, they are also great gifts for friends and family. Just remember that while they may not be able to keep you warm on cold winter nights, they will keep you comfortable during summer days thanks to their ability to breathe.

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What Is Hemp And What makes it Sustainable

Hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa plant species.

Hemp is a natural fibre that is four times as strong as cotton and only uses 1/20th of the water than cotton to grow and process.

Hemp doesn’t need any pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals to grow. Hemp is fast growing and generates 220% more fibre than cotton. It also returns most of the nutrients to the soil, and its large roots help prevent erosion. Hemp has been used for cloth as far back as 10,000 years. Pure hemp fabric has not been popular until recent decades when technology was developed to soften the material.

Hemp is an excellent replacement for cotton for clothing. It is lightweight and absorbent and three times stronger than cotton. Hemp is weather-resistant, naturally filtering UV light as well as resisting mould. It also retains dye better than any other fabric. Hemp also has a porous personality that allows it to breathe, keeping you cool in the summer. And like bamboo and wool, hemp is warmer in colder weather, making it an excellent fabric for us Canadians. For all these reasons, this is why we chose to feature hemp and our fabric of choice.